Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Blog name or old?

Hello everyone out there!

So I am trying to think of a new blog title, and I keep coming up against a dead end. I would like to have my own little place where I can post ALL of the things I am working on (Sewing, crafting, cooking, maybe even prose!) not just the stuff I make for kids. I also have this grand idea ... to not buy a single piece of clothing all year long but instead make everything i need! (that needs some re-wording) Then hopefully by the end of the year next year I will have a whole new wardrobe made by yours truly! Do you think I can do it? Its a lofty goal I know but I really think it would be so wonderful for me.

Anyway, I am trying to learn this whole blogging thing too. How you you post pictures? How do you make it awesome? This is all very complicated for me....I think some webinars are in store.

The list of names I have so far are...

1) Darbalena and herBernina
2) Darb-a-dreaming

er...That's actually it. Not a lot of selection I know.  I am so imaginative.
But then again, Lou (my husband) suggested that i just use the Darbalou Dress Up Blog. Its not a bad idea. After all, what am I doing besides playing dress up?!?

Do you have any ideas? Should I just keep my blog tittle as it is? (I know there are not many people reading this, but a little insight would be nice!) :)


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