Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I made this basket today! I was walking back to the train from my doctors apt. I stopped in CB2 to see if they had any baskets I liked. I have a gift card you see and I have been craving beautiful baskets. They remind me of my grandma, she loves them for everything. There are some baskets on amazon I am dreaming about (made in Ghana) but I can't justify the cost. And in CB2 there was nothing under $79!!!! OK, fine, I said. And left. But as I was walking out of the door one of those FLASH ideas came to me (as they do) and I realized I should just f-ing make one! I remember seeing a handmade basket at a flea market in Pennsylvania made of fabric and clothes line. It was zig-zag sewn and I thought no way. That is to much finagling.  But...I bought 33 yards of cotton clothes line from my local 99 cent store, and tried to sew it by hand, thinking it would be so much easier. Well, not so. But I did find a terrific tutorial on  ( and decided to just go for it! I love want i made. I used all of the cord, so I want to get some more but the basket is perfect for my yarn. And I'm thinking of additional ways to make them...

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