Monday, January 9, 2012

Notions tower

Right now I am working in the art room (yes we have an art room...although now it is more of a sewing room...sorry Lou) trying to clean it up some after the round of holiday visitors we had (the art room is also synonymous with guest room). After much contemplation about a new way of organizing my "at hand" notions (all of the stuff I like to have beside me while I sew) I decided on a cheep but effective stacking tower from the Target dollar aisle. It stacks vertically but you can twist each section to see what is inside. I wrote the names of all the sections on the outside in sharpie. Bobbins, Markings (chalk and tailors wax), Tools, Feet, Snips and Measuring were some of the categories. This notions tower will not be very easy to transport when I go on my sewing sojourns but I think I will be able to cut down on the clutter this way. And if I do take a little trip with my sewing machine, I can still use my decoupaged toolbox. Or maybe I will troll amazon for something a little better...

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